What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of natural treatment that aims to provide the whole body care by drawing on treatment methods which are evidence based as well as traditional treatment methods from several traditional systems of healthcare.  

Naturopathy seeks to focus on the natural healing powers of the body to treat itself. It therefore focusses on treating the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms themselves.

There are Six Principles of Naturopathy:

  1. The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)
  2. First do no harm
  3. ind and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms (Tolle   Causum)
  4. Reat the whole person
  5. Ducation
  6. Revention

What to Expect on your Consultation?

As a trained naturopath I will take a note of your illness or current complaint and past history, your diet, lifestyle, family background and environment. I am also interested in seeing your tests results like blood tests, x ray reports etc. Further investigations and testings may be required to treat the cause of the illness. I may use the following diagnostic tests, such as:

Online Health questioners; Your Health Goals (1 page), Your Lifestyle and Family History (1 page),Health Appraisal Questionnaire (4 pages), DASS for emotional health (3 pages) Food Intake Summary (1 page)

Naturopathic Treatment

Naturopathy maintains that the body can heal itself if it is given the right circumstances and conditions. I employ a range of non-invasive techniques and these include (but are not limited to):

Dietary advice – poor diet or inadequate nutrition from diet can impact the body from functioning well and a build-up of toxins can leading to a range of illnesses. A detail diet discussion in relation to your illness is discussed.

Nutrition- Evidenced based advice on supplements are given when inadequate nutrition from diet is available. Also hoe the advised supplements will have an impact on body to improving your illness.

Herbal medicine – If required, herbs are as potent as pharmaceutical agents and can be used to great effect.

Homeopathy – homeopathic treatments are used to stimulate the immune system.

Physical therapies – such as Dorn Spine treatment, PM technique, Bowen, etc. can be helpful in treating the physical pain.

Counselling techniques – emotional problems and stress can interfere with the healing process. Counselling techniques like NLP can helpful with stress management strategies and life coaching.

Your body regulates itself to maintain a healthy balance. The process of maintaining this healthy internal balance is called homeostasis. Naturopaths believe that illness is more likely to occur if the body is not in a state of homeostasis.